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About Reliance Autocare

Roland F.

RolandRoland was always interested in how things worked and was taking things apart before he got out of elementary school. By the time he got out of high school he was pretty good at putting them back together again. While working for a couple big companies Roland restored a few antique and specialty cars as a hobby. Along the way he rebuilt a few engines, clutches and transmissions too.

Roland had a desire to go into business for himself and decided to do what he liked doing best, fixing cars. In 1977 he opened Reliance Radiator which specialized in the repair of automotive cooling systems and huge industrial and construction equipment radiators. So many customers asked if Reliance could do their other work as well that in 1985 Roland bought the current location and began doing a full range of repairs on all cars and light trucks. At that time the name was changed to Reliance Autocare to better describe how the business had expanded.

In 1994 a large addition was put on the building which increased the number of service bays from two to five. Over the years Roland invested in the education of his mechanics, and the tools and technology they needed to be the leaders in quality repair services. Roland was among the first to computerize all customer records, and subscribe to information databases, first on CD, then DVD, and now on the internet. He was one of the first supporting members of the International Automotive Technicians Network. Alldata and Identifix and Toyota Information Services were all added to help ensure all the latest information is readily available.

Roland has always insisted that customers be treated with courtesy and respect, and that all cars be properly diagnosed before the repairs are quoted and the work begun. Doing a repair one time and on time has always been his standard. Come on in and find out why Reliance Autocare was voted "Best Garage" by hand written ballots from the readers of the The Nashua Telegraph five out of seven years, including four years in a row!

David P.

DaveDave came to Reliance in January 1999, already an experienced mechanic, to become our new manager. The manager of a small garage wears many hats, and in those 12 years he has become an absolutely integral part of the business: managing the front desk, ordering parts, supervising the mechanics, and when needed, doing automotive repairs.

We have many satisfied customers who enjoy dealing with Dave. But one in particular, enjoyed it so much, she married him! Betsy came in one day with an automotive problem, they started chatting, and a few years later, became Mr. and Mrs. We can’t guarantee you’ll meet the love of your life at Reliance, but we can guarantee that with his 36 years of experience, Dave will make sure that your car is treated with the same attention he would give to his own!

John B.

JohnJohn first came to Reliance as a high school student nearly 10 years ago, intending to job shadow for just one day, but that one day led to an after school job and (except for a two year stint attending an automotive course in Florida) a continuous association with Reliance. From a high school kid to a green apprentice to a professional mechanic, Reliance has seen John grow, develop, and hone his automotive skills. One of his main interests is advanced drivability diagnostics and he enjoys a good challenge.

Always looking to further improve his skills, John was an outstanding student and graduated with High Honors from Nashua Community College and a degree in Automotive Technology. John is a pleasure to work with and be around and we hope our association will continue for years to come!

Caleb G.

CalebCaleb first came to work at Reliance in 2003; his keen interest in fixing cars led to quickly becoming a top notch technician. There was no job he wouldn't take on and he became a key member of our repair staff. He worked at Reliance for several years before answering a patriotic call and joining the U. S. Marine Corp. Reserves. Following basic and advanced training, Caleb was deployed to Iraq where he served for almost a year.

Upon his return he came back full time to Reliance until he made the decision to become a police officer. He’s now an officer with the Nashua Police Dep't, and also a part time technician at Reliance. He enjoys his law enforcement career but definitely doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty when we need him. We're glad that Caleb's hobby is fixing cars and we look forward to days when he comes in to help.

Marie F.

MarieMarie has been with Reliance in one capacity or another since we opened in 1977 as a radiator shop. At that time, she was the radiator pick-up and delivery person, making frequent rounds of our local wholesale customers. With two small children and a baby, that was the extent of it for a few years. As the business grew, we needed someone to do part time office work. From a couple of hours twice a week to being at Reliance every day, she’s proud to wear the title of Office Manager. She’s also been the Plant Manager of our garden customer waiting area since it was developed, back in the 90’s, and enjoys making it a pleasant place to wait or just spend some quiet time.

Dominic L.

DominicDominic is Reliance’s youngest employee; he is Roland and Marie’s grandson. Dominic works after school and during summers doing general shop cleanup and maintenance. He is a senior at Nashua North High School but has not decided what career he will pursue in the future. Dominic has excelled at baseball and basketball which he has played for many years and would enjoy a career in some aspect of sports.